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November 23, 2015: 

AgriScience, Inc. Announces Pilot Crop Results


ASI Smart Soil Demonstrates 48% Crop Yield Increase While Preventing Nutrient Pollution.


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In addition to an average 48% increase in crop yields, the company demonstrated the overall efficiency of its innovative technology using four different fertilizer amounts on six experimental sections and one control section.

The goal of ASI’s approach is to maintain nutrients in the soil and make those nutrients available to the plant.

By analyzing the soil nutrient values before planting and after the harvest (the Nitrogen Soil Inventory), the nitrogen assimilated by each plant component, and the amount of nitrogen applied during the growing season, the overall efficiency of ASI’s technology was calculated.

ASI’s pilot crop performance was outstanding and demonstrated the ability to achieve nutrient efficiency in excess of 100% under certain conditions. Further explanation will be released in the future and is part of ASI’s intellectual property portfolio.

Traditional crops (left side) show show signs of cannibalization as nutrients are diverted from the stalk and leaves to the grain during the reproductive phase.


ASI’s Experimental Crop (right side) shows signs of sufficient nutrient supply as the vegetation remains green throughout the  plant while producing multiple ears of corn.


The company’s patent-pending technology drives dramatically increased yields by preventing nutrient run-off, keeping nutrients in the soil and available at the plant root zone.


Source: AgriScience, Inc. Photographed on August 2, 2015

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